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Sudsy & Co.

Facial Serum

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Sudsy & Co. Facial Serum uses Sweet Almond Oil and Golden Jojoba to moisturize and soften your skin while promoting fine line reduction. These top quality oils have the nearest qualities to our own skin oils known as Sebum. Sweet Almond Oil and Golden Jojoba have many of the same therapeutic qualities, and when they are blended together they are even more amazing.

The oils used in this serum are fantastic for balancing the skin. They have anti-inflammatory qualities along with antioxidants and a high fatty acid content. The Golden Jojoba has sebum-normalizing qualities, which means it balances out oil production and does not cause greasiness.

Geranium and Ylang Ylang essential oils are an added bonus to this serum. They are both good for balancing excess oil on the skin. Both oils will help your skin look rejuvenated and youthful. Our Serum is great for any type of skin because of the skin balancing oils and essential oils that we use.

1 oz.

INGREDIENTS: Sweet Almond Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Geranium and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils.


How to use Facial Serum

Step 1 - Cleanse

Before you apply serum, make sure your face is clean. This helps prepare skin for maximum absorption of the serum. 

Step 2 - Apply Toner, Water, or Hydrosol.  

Apply a small amount of Toner, Water, or Hydrosol to palm. You can mist it or just apply to hand. (About 5 sprays if misting)

Step 3 - Add 1/2 to 1 pump of serum to hand.

Rub palms together to emulsify with Toner, Water or Hydrosol.

Step 4 - Lightly press hands onto your face. 

Pat serum in an outwards and upwards motion until fully applied. 

Step 5 - Wait 5 minutes for absorption. 

Apply moisturizer if needed and proceed with makeup if desired. Can be used once or twice as day or as desired. 

**Do not use if allergic to nuts or almonds.**