Skin Loving

All Natural Soap and body products. We never compromise quality for cost. Our skin loving products hydrate, moisturize and nourish. We value simplicity.

Sudsy & Co. soaps are made with the highest quality oils and butters and are loaded with Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and natural Clays.



Eucalyptus Lavender Silk Bar - Sudsy & Co.
  • Moisturizing

    Our custom formula of quality oils leaves your skin moisturized and smooth. Many of our customers state it eliminated skin issues.

  • Natural

    NO Chemicals. NO Fragrances.

    Only natural oils in our formula, essential oils for scent and natural clays for color. Safe for every skin type.

  • Body

    We never compromise on our ingredients. What goes on your skin, goes in your body. Use Sudsy & Co soaps for an all natural body regime.

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