Skin Loving

Sudsy & Co. soaps are made with Top Grade oils and butters. We NEVER compromise quality for cost. Our bars are loaded with Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and natural Clays.

Your skin will know the difference. You will see the results. Moisturizing and skin refreshing.



Lavender Dreams - Sudsy & Co.
  • Moisturizing

    Our custom formula of quality oils leaves your skin moisturized and smooth. Many of our customers state it eliminated skin issues.

  • Natural

    NO Chemicals. NO Fragrances.

    Only natural oils in our formula, essential oils for scent and natural clays for color. Safe for every skin type.

  • Body

    We never compromise on our ingredients. What goes on your skin, goes in your body. Use Sudsy & Co soaps for an all natural body regime.

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