Skin Loving Butters and Oils!

Skin Loving Butters and Oils!

One of the things that makes Sudsy and Company different from others is the quality of butter, oils, and scents that we put into our bars. We add three times more shea butter than other companies. We never compromise quality for cost...ever. 

When we say our bars are made with skin loving butters and oils, we mean it! If you have ever taken a bath using our bars, you know what we mean. As you rinse off, you will actually see the butter and oils floating in the water! This is a huge difference from the soap scum that you see using commercial bar. Our bars do not leave residue or rings on your tub. When you rinse off, you are literally giving your body a "skin cocktail" by laying in the butters and oils. That is why many, including myself, do not need to use body lotions after bathing with our bars.

When you look at our bars, you will see a difference from others. Our bars are creamy and rich looking. They are not translucent like some others you may have seen. This is due to the fact that we use the highest quality butters and oils, never compromising for cost.

We use therapeutic grade essential oils to scent our bars. Fragrance oils literally disrupt  the endocrine system. We will never compromise on this either. Our soap is lightly scented, never over powering. We use just enough to give our customers an amazing experience in the shower or bath.

As we always say....What goes on your body, goes in! Your skin is your biggest organ and you have total control how on you treat it. Treat it kindly with our amazing, all natural, skin loving bars!


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