Detox Your Life... With a warm bath!

Detox Your Life... With a warm bath!

What better way to relax at the end of a stressful day than a warm bath? Except perhaps a relaxing warm detox bath...

Baths are amazing. They are an easy way to sink into a state of relaxation, unwind and restore your body after all the stresses of the day. Add a few all natural ingredients and a regular bath can become something even better: A detox bath!

Your body is assaulted with toxins all day. From fragrances in the air, to chemical laden liquid soap in the office bathroom, to who knows what on the handle of the door at your favorite restaurant! What better way to help eliminate these toxins from your skin and body than a detox bath.

Your body’s pores are dealing with toxins all day, and detox baths are one way of drawing out toxins while not exposing your body to harmful elements. The process behinds these baths is a version of osmosis.That basically means that toxins are first drawn to the surface of the skin by the bath’s hot water and natural ingredients, then cleansed away as the water cools.

Here are 5 steps to the perfect detox bath.

5 steps detox bath

1. Take time for yourself

Seriously, this is the most important part of a good detox. Take time for yourself! If you aren't caring for yourself, you won't have the energy for your day to day tasks. Make the time at least once a week for a relaxing bath. Your body and mind will thank you for it!

2. Fill up a hot bath

Get the water as hot as you can stand it. The hot water is key to helping your body remove toxins. Fill the tub up as much as possible. *Test the water before getting in! Don't burn your skin!

3. Add the detox ingredients

Mix in 20 drops of your favorite essential oils to 2 cups of dead sea salts or epsom salt and swirl in the bath. Add in 4 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of bentonite clay. Swirl until dissolved.

4. Sit back and relax

Now is the time to let all of this work. Put on some calming music, sit back and relax! Stay in the bath for 20 minutes to allow the detox recipe do the work. 

5. Gently dry your skin

Carefully get out of the tub. This is important as your body will be fully relaxed after the long hot bath. Gently dry your skin and enjoy the refreshing feeling of a detox bath!

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