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About Sudsy & Co.

Your skin is worth it!

Sudsy & Co. soaps and products are made with your skin in mind. We use only the finest all natural ingredients to create our small batch soaps. Our custom formula gives your skin the best oils and butters to not only clean but moisturize. 

You will notice the difference right away and your skin will feel soft and smooth. Many of our customers have said they saw their skin conditions improve and even go away completely after using Sudsy & Co. soap!

Soapy Hands



Heidi created the Sudsy & Co line of products in early 2014. Her mission and passion is to provide quality, all natural soap and skin essentials that delight our customers. She is passionate about creating products that are ALWAYS natural and chemical free as well as cruelty free. 


Adam is the newest member of the Sudsy & Co team. He is the son of Heidi and Mike and graduated with a degree in Business Management and Marketing. His attention to detail and outstanding work ethic is a great match to the vision of Sudsy & Co. Adam was a scholarship baseball athlete and will bring the same drive and passion he had on the field to Sudsy & Co and our line of products.


Mike has been a presence behind the scenes since the beginning of Sudsy & Co. His background in managing businesses and his passion for excellent customer service mirrors the vision of Heidi and Sudsy & Co. Mike brings over 20 years of business experience to the team.


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