Sudsy & Co.

Skin Care Duo

Skin Care Duo

$ 35.50

Sudsy & Co. Facial Serum uses Sweet Almond Oil and Golden Jojoba to moisturize and soften your skin while promoting fine line reduction. These top quality oils have the nearest qualities to our own skin oils known as Sebum. Sweet Almond Oil and Golden Jojoba have many of the same therapeutic qualities, and when they are blended together they are even more amazing.  1 oz.

Our Organic White Rose Hydrosol is a light moisturizing spray that is the perfect companion to our Facial Serum. This lightly scented spray is gentle enough for all skin types. Can be used as a facial toner or combined with our Facial Serum for your daily skin care regimen.   4 oz.

Apply a drop of Facial Serum to hand, then spritz about 5 sprays of hydrosol to hand, rub hands together to emulsify and apply in an upward motion to face.  Allow a couple minutes to absorb.