Why Sudsy & Co Soap?

Why Sudsy & Co Soap?

Why Sudsy & Co soap? Why not just run to the local store and grab a six pack of soap? They smell good, so it must be a great bar right? That used to be me. Whatever smelled good went in my cart. Awhile ago I started using all natural soaps. I was obsessed with them! I had a really hard time finding them though. My husband asked me one day...."Why don't you make soap?" I thought he was crazy.....well we see how that ended!! Sudsy & Co. was created and I have loved every second of it.

As I researched and researched hand made artisan soaps I began to see and find out how bad commercial bars were for you. The fragrances they use actually disrupt your hormones. They are chemical laden bars that strip your natural oils on your skin. That's not the worst thing though....those chemicals enter your bloodstream.  What goes on your body, goes in your body. Your skin is your biggest organ. Commercial bars actually have the glycerin taken out of them by the companies. The glycerin is what moisturizes your skin. After they take that out of the bar, they use it to make other body products like lotions.  So get this.....they take the glycerin out of the bar and use it in lotions they sell you to remoisturize your skin. Makes great sense!!  NOT. If you have used hand made soaps, you know the how different your skin feels when you use a commercial bar. Your skin feels dry, tight and itchy.

Sudsy Bars are 100% natural. We use no artificial ingredients, colorants or scents. You can use our bars on the most sensitive skin. Sudsy & Co. has a 5 star rating and we are very proud of that! The two most important things to me are customer service and the quality of each Sudsy Bar. I take it to heart that you are trusting me to use my products on your skin, and I go above and beyond to make sure they are the best they can be. One special ingredient that we use in many of our bars is Tussah Silk (cruelty free). The silk and large amounts of Shea Butter make our bars silky feeling and unbelievable moisturizing, leaving your skin feeling hydrated.

Replacing your commercial bars of soap with hand made bars is the first step to cleaning up some of the toxins you allow on your skin. That was the first step for me, and now we live a pretty toxin free life and we feel amazing because of that. I always tell my kids...."Would you use a bottle that said....CONTAINS CANCER CAUSING, HORMONE DISRUPTING INGREDIENTS." Well guess what....people do that every day.  The cosmetic industry is not regulated to disclose all the ingredients that are in their products. Most of the ingredients are hard to pronounce and there are so many, no one has time to look them up. My bars labels look like this:

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Castor Oil, and essential oils.

Take the first step to cleaning up the toxins in your life by including Sudsy Bars in your daily routine!

-Heidi Harvey



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